Dominika Ďurovčíková

Hello! I am a Master of Physics graduate from the University of Oxford and a first-year PhD candidate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


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Find out about my past and present research projects below (in preparation).

Precision Quantum Metrology

Precision quantum metrology is a branch of physics which applies quantum-mechanical principles to improve the precision of all kinds of measurements we make: time, distance, force, or phase to list a few. This not only has many industrial applications, such as for navigation systems, biomedical imaging or computer chip manufacturing, but it also bears a very fundamental relevance - quantum-gravity experiments and dark matter detection are a few such areas where the toolkit of precision metrology has experienced a growing interest recently.

Current research:

Studying Quantum Gravity through Precision Quantum Metrology

As a graduate student at MIT, I’ve joined the Quantum and Precision Measurements Group to use precision quantum metrology to study the interface between quantum physics and gravity, one of the biggest remaining puzzles of modern Physics.

Past projects:

Optomechanical Squeezing for Improved Gravitational Wave Detection

In summer 2018, I joined Professor Nergis Mavalvala and colleagues at the MIT LIGO Laboratory to perform an experiment aimed at producing optomechanically squeezed states of light to improve the precision of gravitational wave detectors. I was specifically in charge of designing and building the intensity stabilisation servo (ISS) to suppress the classical noise in a laser and thus prepare a quantum-noise limited beam for the rest of the experiment.


Current research:

Super-Resolution Galaxy Imaging

This is a project I did for my Master’s Thesis, and I’ve continued working on it. We have created a machine-learning model which can turn galaxy images from ground-based telescopes into space-telescope-like quality images. We are currently preparing this work for publication.

Past projects:

Reconstructing Quasar Continua to Study the Epoch of Reionization

Here is a recorded talk I gave at the SAZERAC conference in July 2020. You can find out more about this research project in our paper (also on arXiv).

Identifying Lyman Continuum Leakers in the Epoch of Reionization

Read more about this project in our paper.

Photometric Observations of the TrES-1 b Exoplanet

Back in the penultimate year of high school is Slovakia, I got involved with the observatory in my hometown Hlohovec, where I studied transiting exoplanets as my very first research experience. We performed multi-band photometric observations of the TrES-1b exoplanet in Lyra with the local 60cm Cassegrain telescope, reduced and analysed the data, and finally published the transit light curves in the Exoplanet Transit Database.

Other projects

Past projects:

Developing Dynamical Micro-Optical Coherence Tomography

Analysis of the Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm (QAOA)